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Jelly Bean (X10)

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean is the latest android version from Google. Here at Spike Lab we ported this system to our phone's.

We added our own scripts that regulate :

*Usage of ram memory

*New graphics driver

*Maximal CPU controll

*Our own Engien

*And a Lot more...


We are try'ing our best to make the best possible rom,so we add the maximum feature's to it.
Here is the list of feature's that we already have:
***SPL Command Center
***Stamina Mod
***SPL Graphic
***SPL Beat
***SPL Gaming Script
***New SPL Engine
***New look
***New animations
***Working WI-FI
***Working Data
***SMS/MMS working
***New Adreno libs
***New System UI
***New kernel fixes
***More preformance
***Removed some things that didnt work 
***Added new SPL Engine
***Encached Graphic
***Resized all
***Odexed some apps
***Possible Battery drain fix
***Many more coming
***New thunderbolt stuff
***Fixed youtube
***Battery drain fix


We will only post lates't download link's for both kernel and Rom,so u don't have to search or ask "Where can i download latest version".
Hope we make you happy.